403 Track-Lights

                Track lights are made of a series of lights sliding on a metal or plexiglass fixture, on which spotlights or pendant lights are clipped. To be specific, the most common lights systems are those where spotlights or lamps are mounted on tracks fixed to the ceiling. Tracks can be made with metal or plastic material and can basically look invisible or become an integral part of the furniture. It is possible to mount different types of lights at the same time on a track and these can be easily removed or moved and rotated in other positions. This product typology is often used in the lighting project design of exceptionally wide spaces and the minimalist modern track lights design makes them particularly suitable to contemporary environments.

                Indoor track spotlights to be combined with the rooms furniture style

                While choosing track lighting it is good practice to consider the furniture style of the rooms, in order to be able to best evaluate the model design to fit in that context. For modern-style areas it is possible to play with metal and opt for aluminium lighting tracks systems and steel lighting tracks systems. Another material that perfectly matches with this furniture style is glass. As a matter o fact, crystal lighting systems are very commonly used to create sophisticated lights and transparencies effects. On the contrary, if the aim is to lighten vintage-style rooms, cooper and brass track lights constitute an interesting option. Other solutions that are reasonably used are plastic track lights, particularly made of technopolymer, polycarbonate and ABS materials.

                Light spots: track lighting for any area of the house

                Lighting is a core part of the furniture. With a good lighting system it is possible to carry out any type of activity in the best way, especially if each room has a different light, tailored to the environment. The kitchen is among the rooms where lights need to be most carefully planned, especially due to the activities there taking place. It is essential to have an entry point for natural light, whilst artificial light sources are to illuminate the working areas. These are the reasons why a LED track is the best solution to get good lighting. As for the bathroom, on the other hand, the choice generally falls on halogen spotlights. If the choice has to be made for the lighting of the bedroom or the office area, it is recommended to set up a system of accent light pointed towards the desk and bedside tables, if possible with a track for pendant lights.

                Under a different light: track lights for accent light

                There are different light sources in track lighting. In modern settings the most popular solution is LED light, which uses up to 80% energy less than the ordinary light bulbs. The light flow emanated by the LED track-lights can be oriented towards the wished area, without loosing on light strength towards other directions. This way, light is more homogeneously diffused, even when the aim is to light up specific areas more than others. Another model which is significantly used is halogen track lighting. It is not unusual, indeed, to furnish a room with halogen and adjustable spotlights tracks. Halogen light bulbs are a classic, but fluorescent lighting track fixtures play as an excellent alternative. ... More ... less
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