259 Outdoor floor lamps

                Undertaking the right lighting plan means creating unique atmospheres to bring a garden, a terrace or any other outdoor space to life. Outdoor floor lamps allow to lighten an environment discretely and with a personal touch, fusing functionality and aesthetics through versatile design models ranging from modern to classic-looking. From traditional club lamps to pendant swiveling arc lamps, the wide array of outdoor floor lamps varying by styles and materials, enable your outdoor space to stand out thanks to charming light effects and to make it enjoyable not only during the good season but any time of the year.

                Floor Lamps for an outdoor with an exclusive personal flair

                Be it spotlights, lamp posts, or floor lamps with swing arm, outdoor floor lamps give ample opportunities to decorate external spaces in a personal manner and choosing among diverse models and materials. Owning an outdoor space is a privilege for few and that is why those who can enjoy it can enrich the space by choosing design furniture elements and planning a lighting enabling to create fascinating light effects. The benefit of having a floor lamp stands in the possibility to move it when and where desired, in order to create ever new spots of light and to brighten up an external relaxing or dining area. Floor lamps can be used to better light up a table, to enhance specific features or to make a particular part of the backyard stand out. Aluminium outdoor floor lamps are sturdy and light, mobile and resistant to rain and moisture. LED outdoor floor lamps are the highest on demand, as they guarantee a safe lighting and a striking energy efficiency.

                The best material for your outdoor space: steel, wood, and glass outdoor floor lamps

                Next to being functional, outdoor floor lamps adorn a space thanks to their exclusive design, playing as fully-fledged decor elements. They allow to enjoy the terrace or yard throughout the whole year, without letting anyone be disheartened by the autumn and winter season and are essential to get the right lighting effect. It is therefore crucial to opt for the best material, tailored to your needs. Steel outdoor floor lamps perfectly match with modern and contemporary outdoor design. This results in a charming effect enriched with glass inserts, as it is the case for steel and glass outdoor floor lamps. Glass outdoor floor lamps have an eye-catching appearance, turning at the same time out to be greatly resistant and it is especially so for plexiglass outdoor floor lamps. In alternative, wood outdoor floor lamps echo timeless atmospheres, ideal for a classic furniture style, but without closing the door to different layout compositions.

                Outdoor floor lamps for an outdoor to enjoy

                Along with creating ambiance and lights effects, to strike the right outdoor lighting right it is necessary to choose the lamp model that best meets your style and space requirements. The classic outdoor floor lamp can be placed in a corner of the terrace to diffuse a dim light on the relaxing area. On the other hand, an arc floor lamp lights up specific details and is ideal to create spotlighting effects downward on tables and coffee tables. It is thereby recommended to place one next to the dining&lunch area. If your garden is particularly sun-drenched, solar powered floor lamps are an option and an eco-friendly solution that benefits the environment. ... More ... less


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