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                164 Office booths

                ” Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.” (Earl Wilson)
                Office booths are the latest solution the market offers to organize your open space office. These modular structures, which are installed in collective office areas, are proper privacy isles where you can share ideas or have brief meetings. The idea is that ideas are developed better in informal spaces rather than meeting rooms. Office booths’ shapes invite people to gather and share. They can host workshops, brainstorming sessions, programming meetings professionally. Their colors and shapes are a valid modular and flexible workspace solution. The meeting pods often come with seats and tables to work and discuss comfortably. The isles that come with multimedia set up are very useful. They are ideal when you have presentations or videos to show during the discussion. For privacy reasons you want to keep noise under control so we recommend acoustic office booths which are made with open cell soundproof materials like felt or polyester fiber. The innovative phone booths, placed in open space offices, let you make phone calls with an acoustic and visual protection which won’t disturb your colleagues. The coffee break office booths come in useful for your coffee break. Arose from the need of sociality on the workplace, they transform the coffee break in informal meetings. ... More ... less


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