333 Linear lighting profiles

                An appropriate lighting project allows the surface volumes and indentations to stand out, creates evocative atmospheres and adds dynamism to walls and building facades by alternating lights and shades. In this sense, lighting profiles overcome the boundaries that in the past forced to stick to certain installation techniques in lighting. Thanks to that, it is possible to bring light to any corner of the interior to be furnished and enhance specific spots. To be used for space delimitation, to bring light to the hallway, to create peculiar atmospheres with soft light coming from ceilings and handrails, or to mark stairs, steps and lofts with walkable profiles. With lighting profiles you can bring to life fully-fledged lights installations.

                Bright atmospheres with lighting profiles to bring your space to life

                Lighting a house by following a cautious project, enables to furnish the environments with character and personality and to create ambiance. Accordingly, lighting profiles for LED modules are among the most innovative solutions. LED profiles can be made of diverse materials. The most recommended is certainly metal: aluminum linear lighting profiles for LED modules allow an adequate heat dissipation and prevent overheating. Anyhow, the market offers a diversity of remarkably versatile options, since there are a number of linear lighting profile typologies to suit any type of space and meet any environment requirements. The choice is extremely wide: you can choose among angular lighting profiles, recessed or semi-inset lighting profiles, wall, ceiling and floor mounted lighting profiles. Recessed linear profiles are an interesting solution to be incorporated in the plasterboard, making them look invisible. There are also angular linear lighting profiles, an ideal solution to lighten pieces of furniture from the inside and even to be fixed to the ceiling to shed light in two different directions at the same time. Ceiling-mounted linear lighting profiles are incredibly original and functional and are to be placed underneath suspended cabinets to lighten worktops. On their hand, floor linear lighting profiles produce an astonishing aesthetic impact. They are walkable and ensure a fascinating effect. Linear lighting profiles for stairs, can be fixed horizontally or vertically, both on indoor and outdoor stairs. These are utterly practical solutions, as they ensure excellent visibility – especially at night- either inside or outside.

                Diffused light: linear lighting profiles to lighten false ceilings, ceilings and baseboards

                Lightening modules and bands offer a discrete design solutions, serving at the same time furnishing and lightening purposes. They are mainly used in the contract and residential domain, particularly to light up common areas as ceiling, false ceiling and baseboard. Installing linear lighting profiles to lighten or backlight false ceilings and baseboards can make a good alternative to the standard options proposed in the world of lighting techniques. While it is relevant to focus on details lit up by the strategic accent lights in a room, it is also advised to balance that with the diffused light by leveraging on the indirect light coming from the light modules and that is mirrored on the ceiling. The outcome will be a pleasant aesthetic effect and an efficient result at the same time. Using linear lighting profiles for false ceilings is very efficient from the point of view of the visual comfort and makes the spaces more enjoyable. ... More ... less
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