2,367 Ceiling lamps

                Ceiling lamps are particularly effective solutions that are less bulky than pendant lamps and allow the same way to create suggestive lighting atmospheres. The most common ceiling lamps are certainly the ceiling lights, consisting of a base that is applied directly to the ceiling and a cap that hides the bulbs. Generally, this type of lamp is also applicable to the wall. In most cases, ceiling lamps have a metal structure with glass lampshades, but there are also models in other materials, such as: plastic, fabric, composite or synthetic materials, paper, wood, ceramics. Ceiling lamps are products with a versatile design, able to fit into a variety of contexts, from modern to classic, bringing added value to any lighting project.

                Luminous atmospheres: ceiling lamps with indirect or direct light

                As for the type of lighting produced, indirect light ceiling lamps are suitable to create effects of reflected and soft light. On the contrary, those with direct light project the light downwards and, thanks to their installation at ceiling level, allow to illuminate the room at full height. The treatment of the lampshade is the one that most of all influences the type of light obtained: from satin and opaque glass to fabric, to transparent solutions, the design of these products allows you to play with shapes and shades of light.

                Ceiling lights and light effects

                From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of a ceiling lamp can be an excellent opportunity to choose an object that at the same time meets functional and aesthetic needs. From icons to modern design solutions, ceiling lamps can often be treated as real light installations. Round shapes and precious finishes are typical features of a classic ceiling lamp, perhaps in fabric. Mix of materials and chrome finishes, for example, are particularly suitable for modern ceiling lights, with a minimalist structure, most of the time in metal. ... More ... less


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